Our success and company history.

Get to Know The Valerie Brand

Beauty Supply

Beauty supply/beauty products are no child’s play, like every chemical such as drugs they require prescriptions. Understanding skin types, hair textures and what have you is a great way to serve your customers better.

We have all the certifications from the best schools in the Uk which is required to access every beauty product worldwide. We know what products best suites our climate and our people; this is the Valerie advantage. We have years of experience and recognition under our umbrella we cannot go wrong in providing solutions to our customer’s problems.

We are consistently in touch with beauty trends and brands all over the world and constantly stocking up to meet the demands of our customers.

Salon Equipment

Salon Equipment and supplies are things you don’t want to get wrong when starting your salon. From long-lasting to voltage capacity and material composition to results and pricing these are all that will matter. So that you don’t go wrong Valerie’s Beauty World is the answer you have been looking for.

We source for original tested equipment used by our salons in Nigeria and partner salons abroad.

We also give free first-time consultation to people looking to start a salon or own inhouse salon equipment for personal use.

Our UK trained expert, celebrity beautician and founder Oyinkansola Valerie Osikoya will give a personal training on appointment.

After so many certifications and training in the best beauty schools around the world, Oyikansola Osikoya started The Valerie Brand. The Valerie Brand is a lifestyle brand that goes beyond providing beauty services such as salon and sales of beauty and salon supplies to certification programs and training. It further grew to become the number one beauty and lifestyle brand in Nigeria. The Brand has made significant success in organizing the first hair show in Nigeria. Cheveux Internationa is also one of its sister companies under The Valerie Brand.