7 Ways to Prevent Acne

Acne is an enemy of beauty! I would not be speaking out of turn if I said that one Pimple on the face could be a mood spoiler, especially if it assumes a prominent position, like on the bridge of the nose. Sincerely, everyone had to deal with Acne at one point. The good news is you can be permanently rid of all the enemies of glowing skin by following the mentioned tips and recommendations:


1 Wash Your Face Twice daily

2 Limit Sun Exposure/ Use Sunscreen when going out

3 Resist Touching your Face/Do not Pop Pimples

 4 Don’t Harsh Scrub Your Face

5 Cut back on Oily Food

6 Reduce Stress

7 Keep your Facial Care Products Clean.


Wash Your Face Twice Daily

One guaranteed way to get rid of Acne; wash your face two times daily. Everyone should make nightly face wash a ritual, given all the bacteria we might have come in contact with during the day. It will do our skin a world of good if we indulge in a nightly routine like thorough face washing.



Constant Exposure to Sunlight

It is almost impossible for someone not to be exposed to sunlight. Maybe, in a vampire world. But if sun exposure is unavoidable, you should make sunscreen your friend. You can check out our products.


Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face:

Stop touching your face. Especially when you feel a stubborn pimple, you desperately need to do everything to get rid of it. I know the feeling; you imagine you have a magic wand to make it disappear immediately. You find your fingers reaching for it, but you should resist this urge. Aside from the marks that pimple-popping leaves behind. What of the numerous bacteria from the hand that could infect our skin? One must be careful.


Be Gentle with your Face

Some people believe in using a bath sponge on the face. Well, I beg to differ. Wash your face with your hands or get a soft foam sponge to keep your facial skin smooth.


Cut back on Oily food:

I’m not overweight, nor am I trying to lose weight. So, why do I have to cut back on my cakes and pies? I can hear someone thinking aloud. Maybe I can’t hear your thoughts exactly, but  I would think that too. The issue with these foods is that they not only make us gain weight, but they can also damage your facial skin, and you want to keep that baby looking good, right?



Do not Stress

 Okay, maybe this is another thing that seems almost impossible for any human. But stressing out does not makes things better; it just wreaks havoc on our bodies. We should take things easy for a healthy life and a healthy face.


Keep your Care products Clean:

Ensure that your face towels and make-up application kits are clean. Keep your kits clean; so you can keep germs away.




Glowing skin is achievable if we can only take the necessary measures to treat our faces right.





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